A Look at Football Positions

The fever of football has swept all over the world. There’s no way to avoid the excitement and excitement created by is the atmosphere that 2010’s FIFA World Cup has created. The spectacle on the screen is the topic everyone is talking about. Football is the number one game. With all the attention and enthusiasm that everyone seems to possess, it’s quite sad that our knowledge of football and its details aren’t all adequate. So, for instance do we know all the positions in football? Are we aware of about the term “Center-Back? Are we aware of what a Full-Back means?

Let’s look at the various football positions on the field:

1.) Goalkeeper The goalkeeper is a key player in football Goalkeeper’s position is a specialization. The Goalkeeper’s primary responsibility is to safeguard the goal spbo wml of the team. The Goalkeeper is the sole ones that are permitted to touch the ball using their hands, but they are able to only do this within the penalty zone.

2.) Defenders: Defenders, also known as Backs make up the second level of players. Their main goal is to protect the goal and to stop opponents in scoring goal. They are mostly restricted to their respective playing areas of the field. However, they can attack the penalty area of the opponent in the event of an open kick or corner. Defenders can be classified as the following roles:

A) Center-Back As the name implies, a center-back plays in the central position. It is an extremely important position , and is the reason why they must be proficient in running, tackling and jumping. The strategy of having two Center-Backs directly in front of the goalkeepers is appreciated by teams.

b) Full-Backs: Full-Backs take broad defensive positions, with one on both sides of the playing field. Thus, you’ll have a Right-Back on your right-hand side and a left-back on the left side. Their primary duty is to keep the opponent from crossing or cutting back the ball into the penalty zone. In addition to their defensive function Full-Backs also serve as an attack option and are crucial when conducting a coordinated attack. Full-Backs are able to cross the ball, which helps players score goals. Some of the more well-known Full Backs was Roberto Carlos of Brazil who was a Left-Back who was well-known for his lightning speed as well as his fierce free kicks.

Three) Middlefielders. following group of players in the field are called the midfielders. The name of the game suggests that they sit at the center of the field. They serve as a bridge between the defenders as well as the strikers. This is possibly the most important spot on the field as the success of any team relies on the Midfielders. They keep possession of the ball by taking the ball away from the defensive players and then passing them to strikers. Midfielders play the dual roles of attacking and protecting. As with defenders, Midfielders can be classified into one of the following roles:

A) Defender: A defensive midfielder is positioned behind the defender, and is in the position to stop scoring attempts from strikers of opposition through tackling and skilled marking. Controlling the ball, passing and tackling abilities, excellent anticipation, and stamina are qualities that a defensive midfielder must have to be able to demonstrate in order to be successful.
B) central midfielder They are versatile players who can have the biggest impact on the game. As a link between the defenders and strikers, a central midfielder is the player who occupies the middle position and is the most crucial place on the field. The best known for their stamina and their ability to pass, Central Midfielders create scoring opportunities for strikers.
c) Winger They are midfielders with their focus on attacking. They play on both the left and right flanks, Wingers remain near to touchlines, delivering crucial crossings to strikers.
D) Attacking Midfielder: midfielders are located just behind strikers. They create opportunities for strikers with their deft movements and their superior abilities to pass.

4.) Strikers/Forwards: Strikers and Forwards are closest to the penalty area of the opposing team and are the ones who have the primary task for scoring goals. Strikers are renowned for their ability to score and finish goals. Teams across the globe prefer two Strikers to give the proper amount of balance to their team.